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Patio Lighting

Patio Lighting and Bistro Lighting

Bistro lights, also known as market lights, cafe lights, or patio lights, is a great way to add decorative lighting to your backyard. This simple, yet elegant lighting can be installed temporarily for a party or installed permanently for year-round enjoyment.

Our temporary installations start at just $625 and can be installed for up to 7 days. We have a variety of bulbs available for use on the same cord used for the Christmas lights, though the spacing is generally 24" between bulbs.

A permanent solution starts around $900. These installations are wired with either a timer or switch, lights are secured to withstand the elements, and we can use a variety of commercial grade products.

More photographs of the patio lighting can be seen in the Patio Lighting Gallery.

To receive an estimate and consult with a lighting design specialist, please submit an estimate request or give us a call!